Friday, October 7, 2011

Scooter Zone Update!

Scooter Zone recently decided to bring back the nipple bar that they had discontinued a while back. While this bar did very well Scooter Zone, at the time, felt T-bars needed some more support. So after some testing and prototyping with different T style designs they brought back the new and improved Nipple bar. below is the ad they have created to showcase the bars.

Next up is a product that Scooter Zone has been producing for some time. A while back they decided to offer it in different option. This my friends is the Fakey brake. This is the very same fakey brake that you've seen before just made shorter. I ride this version of the brake myself and I love it. What they essentially did was "Took a little off the top" making it more friendly for riders whom don't like their brakes to stick out so much. below is the ad Scooter Zone created for this new release.

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