Saturday, October 8, 2011

East2West New SCS

East2West recently finished their brand new SCS compression system. They spent months testing and designing this product, and they feel that they got it just right. Check out the stats below and some pictures.

•Fits oversized and standard bars with the shim (included)
•Laser etched topcap which means no more bent washers
•Hardened Black Oxide Bolts
•Anodized finish available in Blue, Purple, Black, Green, Red, and Silver
•Laser Etched Logos
•Lightest on the market at 10oz including topcap, bolt, shim and starnut.


Also East2West is now carrying all the new Blunt Completes, and all the new Blunt 110mm Metal cores. So head over to the following link to check out the new SCS and all the new Blunt products!


  1. Sure are Ugly. SCS is so over like 2009

  2. Same EXACT shape as the old sz clamp

  3. You idiots above me.

  4. How much higher does it make your bars?

  5. So disgusting looking. Why do people still make these when there are such better designs to steal from out there? STOP TRYING TO MAKE SCOOTERS LOOK RETARDED!!!

  6. who cares what they look like, they work amazing

  7. The best products should look the best and work amazing...these are waiting to be outdated, if not all already. 4 bolts is overkill and a half. Just run HIC. More bars and less clamp looks my opinion of course.

  8. How tall is the clamp?


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