Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scooter Zone How To: Double Barspin with Matt Somers + Bailzz

This week Matt Somers keeps his How To's going with a How To on Double Barspins. You'll notice as Trick Darger points out, that Matt is breaking the How To Curse! He is so consistent that he is landing all his How To tricks first try haha. Great job again by Matt, check it out below.

Oh Matt, Matt, Matt... we can't be THAT consistent though can we? Especially with Front Dono Flips over a rail. So here are some bails from Matt Somers and his battle with the Dono Flip.


  1. You need to start it faster n try to catch it cause landing frontdonoflips over stairs are no fun if you don't get your second hand on it.

  2. Cool. I should have tried to throw double bars into my latest edit below:

  3. I think I do mine kinda cheat, I like busdriver almost a full bar then throw the 2nd bar and catch.. I could do them like 1/4 of the time before and since I started doing them like that I've been landing them probably 9/10


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