Saturday, October 15, 2011

Alex Steadman "Dreadit"

Dread Edit from Alex Steadman on Vimeo.

This is footage Alex got after the Proto Catalyst 2010 DVD dropped, and before his dreads were chopped.  Alex's riding has always been one where you can tell he really has fun with it.  All the wallrides and poletaps were so refreshing.


  1. Too many tailwhips, the video was amazing though. Never seen riding like that before.

  2. allways loved his videos,he´s one of the few riders who ride 100% the way they want. We need much more guys like alex
    Felix Früh

  3. Proto. "Think different"

  4. liked it
    i dont care if anyone thinks this is just simple..
    riding however the fuck you want with your own personal style is why this guy is so far ahead

  5. id choose a steadman edit over any other edit, love his riding


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