Friday, October 14, 2011

Blunt/Envy AoSv2 Deck Closer Look

There is no doubt that Blunt has made a huge name for themselves not just in Australia(known as Envy in Aus now) and the USA, but have since also made a huge impact in the sport all over Europe. A lot of people are excited over the release of the new AoSv2 Deck. Below is some information provided by Aaron Bransdon, and it describes in detail all of the features of the new deck. So check that out below.

Blunt Scooters (known as Envy Scooters in Australia) have been testing new concepts, designs and final model products for most of 2011, and are ready to release a new line of products in Late 2011 that will set a new standard in the industry.

We caught up with the owner of Blunt to have a quick look at the next generation Ace of Spades deck, or ‘AoSv2’. Although the deck kept similar dimensions to the old model Ace of Spades, including the 500mm long deck, 110mm wide and 82.5 degree headtube angle, nearly everything else has undergone radical change to improve the strength, life and way the deck feels under your feet. The deck employs the first use of one-piece hollow cold-forging seen in the industry. The headtube uses this technology and has become considerably stronger as a result. Cold-forging is known to be at least 3 times stronger than normal extruded aluminium.

Along with this added strength to the headtube, the deck comes stock with integrated headset cups. There are two different styles in the deck, a street model and a park model. The street model has a flat bottom to enable faster, smoother, longer grinds, while the park model keeps a similar extrusion to the new Envy deck on the market now, both will have a standard 3degrees of concave.

This is the first time we’ve seen Blunt’s new brake system as well, and it will come stock on the AoSv2 and Envy Deck. It’s a slide-in flex fender and requires no extra drilling or bolts, maintaining the integrity of the deck. The deck also comes with a high tensile axel to be used with pegs.

This deck weighs in at an astounding 1.19kg(2.6lbs) before adding the brake, making it one of (if not) the lightest deck on the market. It will be available in Red, Black, Purple and Silver. This deck looks like an incredible change from the original, and we’re amazed at the work that Blunt has put into it to not only improve on the last, but to go beyond. We’re looking forward to seeing how it performs, and we’ve no doubt it’ll out-perform many decks on the market right now, it’s been in testing for around 6 months, and not one crack or snap has occurred.

All sounds pretty good, I'll get my hands on one as soon as possible to check it out in person. I can say one thing though, Mitch Baldry of Envy Scooters sure loves his deck, as that can be seen here in a Backflip Barspin to fakie shot by Aaron Bransdon at the recent JJ3 Competition.

For all your updates on Blunt Pro Scooters, and Envy, Keep checking Inside-Scooters.


  1. haha cold forging may be cheaper.. but I'm fairly certain cold-worked aluminum is no stronger than a heat treated aluminum extrusion.

    back on topic though.. deck looks sick

  2. That deck looks fucking beautiful. HUGE upgrade from first deck

  3. hahaha and the lightest deck on the market? not by a long shot, the district and rup both are lighter.

    1. District decks are 10 grams heavier.
      Razors are shit.

  4. think i might get one- mr flowers

  5. hahaha, yes, one of (if not) the lightest decks on the market.
    District weighs in at 1.2kg, this one comes in at 1.19kg. Sorry to say dude, even if it's .01, it's still lighter.

  6. District is owned by a cunt. Blunt is owned by someone who actualy CAN ride a scooter

    I rode my mates AOSv2, its really good

  7. "BK said...
    haha cold forging may be cheaper.. but I'm fairly certain cold-worked aluminum is no stronger than a heat treated aluminum extrusion.

    back on topic though.. deck looks sick"

    All welded decks are still heat treated

  8. When is some one gonna aquaform one of these bloody things?
    But this does look amazin though. Like the street deck. Stike four pegs on that puppy then go shred!
    The best of the new breed. If the price is right!
    Come on Razor, Where's yours?

  9. Cold forging is stronger then heated forging...

    Deck looks sick, can't wait to see how it goes.

  10. Owner of blunt here. Cold forging is a technique of getting the ultimate strength out of alu, the way this is done you have a high quality block if alu compressed under great pressure in a mold. It's used in car race wheels, planes, motocross break levers and many other products. So in short, it's strong. And this deck will prove it. As for me riding a scooter? I ride bmx, however have given scooters ago, landed on my head trying a flair, and my ass trying a fakie whip. Much respect to you riders thou.

  11. all chinese products are trash. and have proven so, time after time after time.... go USA! Oh and they will be selling your deck to someone else for less than you.

  12. where can i buy one?

  13. when do they come out in america?

  14. Such an American point of view, thinking your own shit dosnt stink.

  15. American point of view maybe? But just saying... district breaks, blunt breaks... many more times than american made decks. They also steal everyones designs and sell to the whole world. just sayin

  16. district decks i have to say r shit as blunt pheonix madd lucky prob best deck

  17. Listen Blunt decks are strong and stylish and if you watch edits by blunt riders youll see the kind of tricks they land on these things.

  18. they should most deff make these with 83 and 20 inches length , those measurements with the combination of this deck , is just perfect

  19. so the street model is the one up there in purple???

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