Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stefan Hefner Interview by Tyler Wheeland

Stefan Hefner. The worst part is after reading that name, there are probably so many people who don't recognize it the way they should.
Stefan is a street beast, to say the least...I didn't mean for that to rhyme.. As noted in the interview he is very well known for the slams he takes while riding. Though they hardly phase him, if he has his mind set on landing a trick.. He's landing it one way or another. I really enjoyed this interview that Tyler Wheeland did for Inside-Scooters. Check it out below.

Tyler: Alright dude, whats up?

Stefan: wait are you actually asking me? or is this the interview?

Tyler: It is def happening.

Stefan: oh crap
start over?

Tyler: Alright dude, Whats up?

Stefan: nothin much
just chillin at home in my boxers
and eating candy

Tyler:Oh the life. Double gulp aswell?

Stefan: I got a 2 liter of Pepsi and Mountain Dew in the fridge.
Im all set

Tyler:So are you aware that your mostly known for getting broke off and not actually killing it?

Stefan: ummm...
no not really
I thought I was known as a front scooter flip whore who occasionally dies riding his scooter
but whatever.

Tyler: That too, by now everybody knows you Scooterflipped Hollywood High 16 stair. Want to explain what happened that day?

Stefan: well before I was even very good at scootering, I always saw videos of skaters throwing themselves down the 16 tair
I knew that I wanted to be just as gnarly as them

so when I finally thought I had the skill level and the opportunity to hit the 16 stair for myself
I jumped at the chance
I knew I had to throw something sick down it so I thought a front scooter flip would be best since I'm pretty comfortable with them
When I was running up to the stairset I was pretty damn scared
and on one of the run ups a family got out of their car to watch because they knew that shit was about to go down
one of the people that was watching was this really hot blonde girl
so I figure, hell why not and I hucked the front scooter flip that try
I got it first try and rolled away super clean and fast
I was so stoked
but after a minute I couldn't even walk because the sheer impact destroyed my ankle
but yeah
thats it

Tyler: You still got that first try, thats insane. Did that blonde chick say anything to you afterwards or what?

Stefan: unfortunately no. She walked away before I could start gamin' on her

Tyler: I guess we can't have it all can we. So what about your obsession with animals on your shirts? Do you just love animals?

Stefan: Animals are amazing!
there are so many animals that have such a wide spectrum of reactions they cause when people see them
people can be scared of sharks

Tyler: Like Lil Jon?

Stefan: yeah
but people can also be attracted to cute lil' kittens

Tyler: Kind of like Me with Spiders. They are the worst. But back to scooters dude.
You have a part dropping sometime in November/December as part of Luckys Opus web video. How do you feel about it so far.

Stefan: Well Ive been working my ass off for over a year working on it and have gotten quiet a bit of footage for it
I could probably finish it right now if I wanted
but to be honest, Im still unsatisfied with it

Tyler: Really?

Stefan: there is so much I have on my to-do list for the video
I really just want it to be something I can finish and then just sit back and watch and pat myself on the back for putting everything I had into one video

Tyler: I get you. You have traveled a lot for this part. Where do you feel like you worked the hardest and got the best clips?

Stefan: Ive been blessed enough with a great sponsor like Lucky that has helped me travel a lot in the making of this video.
Ive been to France, Chicago, and Washington which is probably where I got the most footage in the week I was there.
Not to mention how much Ive been all over the beautiful state of California where I live

Tyler: Are people going to be surprised when they see this new part compared to the last video you put out? How has your riding progressed or changed in the last year or so.

Stefan: Well my riding has changed a lot since my last video that I released about a year ago.
Ive definitely become more well-rounded as a whole, but Ive spent a lot of time riding rails.

I definitely think theyre the bees knees

Tyler: Filmed any rail clips that are gonna get people stoked?

Stefan: Maybe a couple, idk. I guess it depends on the person haha

Tyler: What about getting broke off, you put out that bails video and it had some pretty gnarly falls in it. Is that a normal thing for you?

Stefan: Well when I'm trying a trick that is out of my comfort zone it might be a common thing.
On the other hand though, if a trick is in my comfort zone, I usually get it. Over all, falling is just a part of getting better and pushing yourself to find your limits

Tyler: Wise words. What would be a perfect day for you?

Stefan:I don't think a perfect day really exists. There always seems to be something bad in everyday that can kind of spoil the mood. Most of my favorite moments in life though are just when I'm cruisin' down the streets of Los Angeles with the homies, riding spots, getting clips, and having a really big soda in my hand. Thats the life

Tyler: That sounds like what we do every weekend. Well this has been great dude, any last words?

Stefan: Thanks for interviewing me and above all, stay street...

Photos by: Jordan Jasa(Portrait), Monky(16 Set), and Erik Feenstra(Rail).

The below videos are OLD. Be advised that Stefan's section in the upcoming Lucky DVD will surely destroy you.


  1. Hes really good actually

  2. Tight interview. Awesome guy, loved hanging with him in Chicago

  3. just gotta work on his style a bit

  4. ^ Dude that's why he wears cardigans now.

  5. I love his cardigans! His whole style actually! He's fucking awesome. Love him. ..if you dont its cause you don't know him/jealous/or you're a douche and just hate everything


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