Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big Ron/Zig Short Freestyle Rap at Epic.

This is awesome. Razor's Ronald Sharpe and Inwards Zig Short put down a freestyle for the crowd at the Epic Skatepark comp a couple weeks back. Big Ron is pretty big into rapping, and Zig doesn't usually do this but I know he's had that verse down for a while. Theres actually a lot more to it...maybe if you ask him nicely he'll show you some day.


  1. i was there. got kinda bored of the rap so i was doing umbrella flips on the big quarter in the back

  2. lol my dad is in the background in this watching ahahahha

  3. The Epic Comp was such a killer comp! The day before at Granite with Spicy and Eric, to the incredible Indoor facilities, to 2 of the guys in our car getting first or dinner at the IN and OUT afterwards, but the best part was BIG RON just throwing it down on the MIKE. He is such a GEEEEEE... love the A's gear, bad equipment shreding, just coming with a SAVAGE positive vibe.

    I want Big Ron to throw down my boys next edit music...

    Great clip again INSIDE!


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