Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Unexpected Guest at ScooterZone

By now everyone on IS is probably well aware of Scooter Zone...and if for some reason you're not. Check out the two links below.
Scooter Zone OC Shop
Inside Look in the Zone

However as I found out last week, people are well aware of Scooter Zone even if they do live in completely different countries...on the other side of the world.

I was hanging out at the Zone with my friend Dick Narger when he let me know that there was an Aussie in the shop. I was pretty shocked to hear that...and sure enough as I was out back NOT riding *cough cough* The back door opened and out comes Jamie Magro and his family. It turns out Jamie and his family were in the US on a vacation. They were in Southern California checking out Disneyland, when Jamie suddenly remembered that ScooterZone was in Southern California. Sure enough he made sure they took time out of their trip to stop by the Zone.

Jamie unfortunately didn't have his scooter with him...BUT Nick Darger to the rescue! He let Jamie barrow his scooter, and the bar size wasn't quite what Jamie was used to. But he couldn't resist and he got some riding done out back.

Backbri (Scooter looks bent but it's not haha)

The one thing I remember about that day was how HOT it was..Jamie was trying his best to throw down but the heat was definitely not helping...So we rode flat for a bit, and he had some really sick tech stuff.

He had these lookback ride things on lockk

Jamie was getting in a few more runs, and while he did that I got a shot of his family. They were really nice people, and very supportive of what Jamie does.

Pic of Jamie's Family

Overall I think it was awesome that someone all the way from Australia made it a point to come in to Scooter Zone during their vacation. I know Jamie had a good time even though it was ridiculously hot. And I can only hope that in the future I'm at Scooter Zone to catch some more surprising guests! It was great meeting you Jamie! And I told you I'd get you on Inside-Scooters! Haha.

Below is a short edit that Jamie shot before going heading out here for Vacation.

For all news relating to Scooter Zone, and the people who stop by Scooter Zone! Keep checking Inside-Scooters!


  1. Thats awesome that he was at the zone!

  2. hahaha I know Jamie!

  3. Too many bris, but other than that, nice vid ;).

  4. ahahha so stoked im on here :D and i no way too many bris im gonna try cut it down but i love them i spose oh wells thanks steve for putting me on there had a blast chillin with you and dick at sz :D and i love you too nickeh ;) ps this is jamie

  5. barspin bris dialed :) vid was allright loVing the footjam stuff!

  6. I hit up the scooter zone in laguna when i was on vaction last week! so nice, nice people and a sick powdercoated RUP. SZ <3

    Spencer Cunningham

  7. if i ever go to America I'm going to go to lucky's local an sz an other places.
    i love Jamie hahaha we ride together at slam he has barbri airs every go


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