Monday, May 10, 2010

Super 60 Announcement!

Super 60 Intro from Jordan on Vimeo.

So theres been some confusion regarding our Super 60 features...whether you had to be asked to do one, or just go ahead and make one yourself. Well now, we are opening up the S60 to be made by anyone...providing you use the intro I have posted above, which you can download here. Then, after you make your S60, you can show it to us and if we like it, we'll post it up. If not, don't take it personally...But yeah, now ANYONE can make a Super 60, so long as you use the NEW intro. Thanks guys, now lets see some gnarly S60s!

New intro made by Sam Short of Film Reel Scooters.


  1. this is going to be very intreasting :)


  3. yeaaaah.


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