Monday, April 19, 2010

Luke Maffesoni - Eaglesport Promo.

Luke Maffesoni is one of those riders that manages to develop his own style, with only the videos on the internet to run from. He's one of the few scooter riders from around his area, and to see such uniqueness from a fellow Australian is always welcomed.
Luke rides for FSP group (Eagle, District etc) as Australia's sole flow rider.
This video shows Luke's riding as a very abnormal Australian style (Count the inwards) with plenty of street throughout.
Pretty sure it took some balls to double whip that gap.


  1. such a good rider

  2. I could watch this vid for hours on end

  3. Nice!! I love his street stuff in ther! i give some mad respect to street riders !

  4. Question for Jordan-
    Will Inside Scooters shirts ever be for sale? I'm too lazy to e-mail haha.

    - Joe Riley

  5. Luke <333333
    He shreds so hard.
    I still have his Eag;e shirt haha.

  6. haha devon <3i still have yours hehehe

  7. That was really good, and finally an aussie to break the front bri trend.

  8. Joe in regards to your IS T Shirts....I got something in the works right now for all you guys interested in shirts. I will announce it on IS later on.

    As for this video...Luke is just bad ass. Soooo refreshing to see his style of riding. Really different from most other Aussie riders. Loved it.

  9. yeh luke nice vid man gota chill soon its bower ahah <3333


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