Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brooklyn Banks Jam Video

There's more bails than lands but whatever, you get to see footage of Dorian Robinson breaking his ankle over the 10 set on a 360 whip attempt. Gnarly kid.

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  1. I was sort of happy with the banks jam this year. A lot of people more people showed up over the last 3 years. Although, this year seemed to have a hex over jam. I do think the Xtreme Wheels contest being so close to the date of the jam may have other riders tired (which may explain all the bails). I was skating the jam with a sprained knee when it came to the 10 set session. When i saw dorain break his ankle, i took it as a sign and left early lol. I heard about all the scooter thefts that went on at the jam... not cool. But, i hope ScooYork throws another jam next summer.... seems to be getting better and better every year.

    Zig Short


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