Thursday, June 25, 2009

RTG Tour Website is Up Looks great, I can't wait to see how its all gonna go down come XW. The website says that there'll be a "championship showdown" at the final stop, does that mean riders will be earning points as the season goes along? Hmm.

Post a comment if you'll be attending any of the stops, which include:

Xtreme Wheels in Buffalo NY on July 11
Ramp Rats in Petaluma, CA on August 22
Skatebarn West in West Renton, WA on October 17
The Incline Club in Lakewood, NJ on November 22
YMCA/Clairmont in San Diego, on January 2


  1. I think I might head down to Petaluma and check this out in August.

  2. I can't wait for the Videos to be up on the Internet.I also can't wait the Hawk H2 and H4.Hope they're sick scooters.Will you get one Jordan?If so or not why?

  3. Yep, I believe Steven and I are going to be getting H2's for testing and reviewing.

  4. Yea, Jordan and I will be getting H2s and H4s to write some reviews on for the website.

  5. Going to ramp ratz one. 2 days before my b-day

  6. Joey fields and jalen hunter are goin to tyhe one in lake wood

  7. Im going to sd4 forsure and maybe the ramprats one.


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