Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inward News

Some news from Inward Scooters.

TSI decks now available on the Inward website. Decks come in 3 widths: 4, 4.5, and 5 inch. Powdercoat option will come later.

Dominator decksavers are back!

A shipment of Razor decks is on its way, expected to be listed soon.

Codie Donovan and Fernando Young wheels are in stock in 100mm.

Hep Greg wheels can now also be bought separately. 110mm and 125mm wheels are in stock!

1 1/4 inch starnuts are now available. Many of you asked to buy them separate from the compression set. There are plenty in stock now.

Inward policy is to list only what they have in stock. If it is not on the site, it cannot be shipped in a reasonable time. Anything that does not require powdercoating leaves the warehouse within 2 business days!!

Inward Scooters is sponsoring and will have riders at both the Xtreme Wheels and the Brooklyn Banks jam.

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