Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Those Texas boys have done it again. TX2000 is a new full-length that dropped this weekend, featuring guys like Andy Koke, Mike Dejong, and Matt Ogle. In Andy's own words, "What this video is about is that no matter how real life gets, we can all still do the things we love." The bond these guys have despite life getting in the way (a few of them in school, working full time, or even Matt getting engaged) is one that exemplifies what scootering is all about- the power of friendship. That, and shredding the gnar, which is what all these dudes do. Good shit to these guys for keeping at it and making a dope video!

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  1. What happened to the challenge of making a video being published on inside scooters? These days it seems whoever posts the most recent video of them in cuffed khakis with chuck taylors doing a "stylish" flat ground line of them doing tailwhips and heelwhips will be praised on here for their film production and the style the rider brings to the table? Scootering these days isn't even about going big anymore it's about doing stylish tricks and the majority of the videos inside has been posting recently haven't been all that impressing.....


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