Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vlad Shishov - Summer 2016

There's something kind of endearing about lower-production value videos filmed in foreign countries to me. It's just raw, a kid just trying to capture the process of pushing his limits, with no real goal other than to film tricks. This guy, Vlad, is Ukrainian and shreds with one of those unique styles that you can only seem to get by living in some random, unusual place. Is he on Proto? Logo in the beginning seems to suggest so. Anyways, enjoy this.


  1. This video is filmed in a foreign country with lovwer-prodiction value
    but is still so far head of time. 2014 vaporwavescooter2k14

  2. Really enjoyable ! What time of camera best for shoot this kind video ? I have a scooter community we will try to record some interesting video.


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