Monday, August 8, 2016


Seeing a video from Erik Karl in my subscriptions is the best way to start off a Monday. Last time I posted a video from this crew I expressed my hype at the filming and editing. Some people weren't into it, and that's fine. But I stand by that sentiment, this dude is experimenting and putting a fresh spin on scooter cinematography. The noseblunt whip at 1:00 was shot perfectly. The scootering is enjoyable too, these boys are progressing and it's definitely fun to watch. Scooter videos don't have to have the most insane tricks to be good. Using the most of your ability creatively, that's what counts.


  1. yea, those guys are freakin sick. I wanna see more of this.

  2. wack sideways filming strobec jacking fools


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