Monday, July 18, 2016

Four FOOLPROOF Ways to Become a Sponsored Scooter Rider (Number 4 will SHOCK you!)

Also a mainstay of being a pro rider: sitting around.
So we all know there's no point in scootering unless you're sponsored. Sponsored riders live a glamorous, exciting lifestyle, full of free scooter parts, discount codes, the occasional riding trip and struggling to pay rent. Now, you may think that reaching that highest echelon of riding is near impossible, but today I am going to give you the keys to becoming sponsored (it’s easier than you think!).

Ride with the Pros
To be the best, you gotta beat the best. Hit your favorite riders up and tell them to come to your out of the way, middle of nowhere local. When they do show up, see what tricks they’re working on. Try landing it before them! Bonus points for a one up; the TM will see you and know you deserve to be on the team. Don’t forget to keep up with the Instagram game, uploading all the latest tricks with no original input from yourself. Which leads into the next tip...

Have Fire Instagram Clips
Instagram is the best way to get noticed these days. It used to be you got sponsored by working for months to make a compilation of your best tricks across a variety of parks and street spots. Today, all you have to do is hand your homie your phone and get a few bangers at the local, maybe with a hype, overblown rap song on top of it. If you accidentally film a clip on a real camera, simply record the clip off the LCD, straight to your phone. Don’t forget to tag your favorite riders/team managers in your clips so they can see how good you are!

Observe Alec (left) Instagramming to get his rep up, while Charlie (middle) and Jack (right, sponsored) discuss how much they can sell their used parts for to the 10 year olds at the local.

Slide into the DM's
You can skip the whole filming an Instagram clip thing by going straight to the source- DM’ing your favorite company with reasons why you should be “sponcered.” List out where you live, what your setup is, and all the tricks you can do. What they really love is when it’s a DM to multiple companies- that really personalizes it for the brands to let them know how special you think they are.

No English? No problem!

Work Hard and Ride for Fun
This technique first involves forgetting about being sponsored. All you have to do is focus on having fun scootering, and pushing yourself to progress your tricks and style. By riding for yourself, your own style will shine through, setting yourself apart from the rest. Show the dedication you have to scootering by filming full parts, and being a contributing member of the community. Brands will then take notice and may decide to get you involved in their sponsorship programs.


  1. Ha, fucking spot on. Shits wild these days. so many kids copy mainstream videos. i swear to god there are so many generic videos out there, every kid tries to copy tricks, its really weird. Kids at the park now ask me, "can you kickless? Can you flip? Are you sponsored?" like what the fuck, they follow good riders at the park like a bad smell, constantly wanting to battle it out with a game of SCOOT. Kids try to one up every trick you do, or dont appreciate the small things like how hard it is to do regular scooter fakies or 2 foot nose manuals with ease

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thanks dood for the article I'm gonna get sponcered now!!

  3. I do all these things im not sponsored yet ): -kenon

  4. The most important part about scootering is to have fun! If you don't have fun there no point in riding. If along the way you get sponsored then continue to work hard and have fun. Also check out my sponsors, Blunt and Envy Scooters, Monster Skatepark, and Sly Collective


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