Monday, June 6, 2016


Heavy Bill Strobeck vibes in this one for sure. This is a tage coming from some boys in Minnesota. There's nothing too crazy trick wise, but these guys are killing it for sure, hitting tons of spots and making creative use of their skill level. I hope they stick with it as they get older because it's clear they have potential, and Erik Olsen has one of the most consistent filming styles in scootering, which is a rarity. The dude with the white Sky High hat is gonna be super fun to watch as he gets older, his style is kinda reminiscent of Shorty. Good job to these guys!


  1. Cool riding, but watching a ton of wack, trendy skate videos doesn't make you a good filmer. Yes, the filming is consistent. Consistently bad that is. Stop turning the fucking camera like a carousel when filming fish, and stop zooming in way too much alllll the time

  2. Can I agree with Rudy? Yes, the filmer is surely skillful but all those head chops and zoom-ins in evey second clip are getting too repetitive after a while. Other than that, this video was fun to watch.

  3. i thought this was sick, cool to see people actually starting to use goodie hd setups!


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