Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Help Susan T Get a New Heart

Hey everyone,

It's with a heavy heart that I make this post. A few days ago it came to my attention that my friend, former partner, and OG scooter rider/industry figure Steven Tongson, needed some help from the scooter community. His mother Susan, the woman who bought him his first scooter, who supported him his entire time involved with scootering, has been diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure. This condition has no cure, and the doctors have given her 2-5 years to live...devastating news to Steven and his brother, the sons she raised alone. The good new is that, with a full heart transplant, she can continue to be an amazing mom to her kids as well as a grandmother to Steven's three year old boy.

It's no question how much Steven has helped out the industry. From managing various teams, running a shop, all his work here at Inside, to just being a friend, Steven has given so much to so many people in this community. All while being extremely humble and not expecting anything in return. To help out his mom, he created a GoFundMe to take donations. What he's asking for is everyone to simply share the link, and to donate if it's financially possible for you. In his own words-

 "... I am coming to you, not looking for your financial help, because I know we all have our own financial situations. Simply sharing my GoFundMe Campaign on your social media sites would mean a lot. However, donations, if you are capable, would also be greatly appreciated. Our goal right now is to try and get my Mom on the list to get a new heart. She has been crippled by medical bills from the various hospital stays during the past two years. She has lost her house, and believe me when I say her three children, and her family, are all doing what we can to help her situation."

So now, I'm going to challenge you, the scooter community, to see how far we can spread this. A share on Facebook, a repost on Instagram, a link on Twitter, anything will help. If anyone deserves our help, it's Steven. Thanks to all who've read this through and contribute.


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