Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stefan Hefner: Self Titled

When you see a new video from a dude like Stefan Hefner pop up in your feed, you waste no time in watching it. Stefan Hefner has had a bit of a tumultuous year. His company, Source Scooters, fizzled out, and while he was on River Wheel Co, ended up splitting ways with them as well. But, he was always stacking clips, and here is the culmination of his 2015 efforts. His riding only has only gotten more intense and developed- there's less of the huge, heelbusting stairsets and gaps, and more of the unique gaps and bump to bars that few in scootering are hurdling. In fact he probably does the biggest bump to bars ever hit on a scooter in this video, a habit of his that have caused some to deem the obstacle a "bump to Stefan" instead.

It's pretty crazy how in this day and age a rider of his caliber isn't sponsored. Goes to show how far scootering still has to go to support even the top level riders.

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