Monday, November 9, 2015

Tom Luca Holubowski - Welcome to Flavor

German Tom Luca Holubowski was just added to the Flavor squad.  I was surprised when I read this was filmed in only three days, because there's such a variety of spots.  Things I liked:  all the high speed lines, the back smith combos, that steeze landing at 1:35.  Dislikes:  some of the filming was a bit shaky, which happens with DSLR footy at high speeds.  A couple single clips in there could have been filmed better too.  Overall enjoyed it though, looking forward to seeing future projects out of Tom.

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  1. Tom is a fucking shredder, and this edit was perfect.

    I understand your dislikes Jordan, and i must agree, but its the same way with my edits - its not everyone on a "pro team" who got the possibility of riding with a good filmer. When i ride, i ride with my friends - and it is my friends who film me, not a pro filmer. Enjoy the riding and dont think about the bit of shakyness in the clips, because it is simply not possible for most people to deliver a top notch edit on level with the brands who got specific filmers with perfect equipment.


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