Monday, November 23, 2015

Former Australian Scooter Rider Hospitalized

Jarrod Whitehead was a scooter rider back in the day who personified what to me, was classic Aussie style.  Big airs, footjams, steeze all around.  Before trick spamming became a thing, and people cared how the trick was done, rather than what trick was done.  Jarrod eventually fell out of scootering, and picked up skateboarding.  Yesterday he was bombing a hill on his board, when he fell off and suffered severe head trauma.  He was airlifted to a hospital in Sydney and now a friend has set up a MyCause page to ask for donations and help support his family with the medical bills.  Its terrible to see any our extended scoot family get injured like this, and I hope he can make a full recovery.  

Check this edit to see what this dude was throwing down back in the day-

And again, here is the link to donate.

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