Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Recap: San Diego Street Jam 2015

The San Diego Street Jam went down this past weekend and it was a huge success!  I wasn't at the first spot, but from the looks of it, it worked well.  We got the kick from the second spot pretty quickly, but not before a bunch of people had already landed some gnarly tricks (sadly not captured in this video).  We then hit a bump to bar that got destroyed by everyone.  The fourth spot was a long curved ledge setup that we got kicked out of, and finally the last spot was the 18 rail.  That hour we were there was probably the single most progressive hour of scootering ever- almost every trick done was one that had never been done on such a big rail before.  Issac Miller, TomK, David Coe, Ryan Ruegg, and Andrew Zamora all threw down bangers.  See for yourself in the video filmed by Bryan Hillman for SR.

Props to the Scooter Farm and all the sponsors for putting on a great event!  Can't wait for next year.

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