Monday, August 3, 2015

Daniel Rey 2015

Some kids got it, some kids don't. Just gotta face the facts sometimes. Well Daniel Rey, he's definitely got it. I clicked the video not being too familiar with Daniel, and honestly not expecting much..but damn. Super smooth rider, and he gets really creative multiple times throughout the video. The below piece was written by 5Starr.

5Starr is proud to announce Daniel Rey is officially on AM. Daniel started off as a shop sponsored flow team rider and has really been pushing himself and progressing.  Daniel lives in Arroyo Grande and his shop sponsor is Ransom Scooters, located at 1045 E Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande, CA. Daniel is an up and comer in the street game and shows some real promise as he continues to put everything he's got into his riding. We are happy to have him riding and representing 5Starr. Scope his edit and give him a follow on Instagram @danielxrey

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