Tuesday, February 24, 2015


So last month, the Friendly and Fam Hungry crews took a little trip over to New Zealand to ride with the YesPlease guys prior to the Auckland street jam.  In other words, the best guys south of the equator all met up to make one amazing video.  The filming and editing is top notch, putting some HVX's to great use.  Spots are insane, and the riding is unreal.  This is the best video I've seen all year.  Rider list alone should make you want to watch it- Jon Archer, Kevin Austin, Royce King, Darcy Altavilla, Regan Thompson, Nathan Flemongo, Reece Jones, Mark Abbott, Jasper Russell-Dennis, Lawrence Rubin & Taylor Nicholls.


  1. A full length from these guys would be soooo goooood!!

  2. filming was top notch? did you not see that ridiculous headcut on the board backlip at 2:01?

    1. the quality was good, but the actual filming could use a bit of work

    2. I'm sure they will be aware of the mistakes man, regardless it is good to see somewhat filming standards starting to develop in Scootering.. hopefully fading away from that Nickeh shit, haha.
      I think these dudes are definitely ones to keep an eye on.
      - King Solomon

    3. One mistake, bummer. 95% of it was better than 95% of scooter videos. Let me see you handle an HVX setup perfectly.

  3. Jasper Russell-DennisFebruary 28, 2015 at 6:55 PM

    Appreciate the shout out and share Jordan!

  4. Yeah what Jordan said
    - Kevin Austin


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