Friday, October 10, 2014

Jared Adelson Web Edit 3

If you're looking for smooth stylish riding, this isn't the video for you. If you want to see insane gaps, and drop ins, and overall a seriously entertaining edit.. Look no further. Jared impressed a lot of people with his hucking skills in his last edit, and he one ups everything in this edit. Tons of talent, and I love seeing this kid get so stoked over his tricks haha. Don't sleep on this one.


  1. there is a few tricks that he for sure didnt land but it was edited to make us think that he did( ie: 3:00 and 5:44) I think that is quite douchy.....


  2. This was absolutely insane. Definitely lacking on the style but makes up for it with the sheer craziness. been to rye airfield and when he triple whip drop inned the vert ramp, my heart stopped.

    Also think it's hilarious how he gets so amped after everything, made me laugh every time lol

  3. overly hyped killed the vibe


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