Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Madd Gear Flat SCOOT Game 6 and 7

First game is Alex Lopez vs Austin Kuentz. I hadn't heard of Alex before, but he has a really clean style, I was digging it. Although now that someone in a previous comment mentioned it, it is really annoying how close the camera is to the riders in all of these games. Makes it harder to watch. Check out the game though, it was a close one. Stoked to see some switch riding in there.

Next up was Jordan Velasquez vs Jeremy Mallot. A really sketchy game, and kind of shocked me because Jeremy rides really clean in most videos. Either way I think this just about finishes up the first round, so I'm hoping the games get a bit more interesting from here on out.


  1. I would just like to point out that Jordan's first trick was a WHIP rewind, and Jeremy clearly did heel rewind ;)

    1. you're right. i didn't spot it because of the gay ass sex change i guess

    2. Also the "decade" fuckin stupid! There is a bs decade and a fs decade so do the one he fuckin set !

    3. i realize now that he did do the right spin just a fuckin body varial. If you are going to body varial you better fuckin do it on purpose and it better be the same as the set!

    4. they arent even trying with these.


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