Monday, April 14, 2014

MGP Beachside BBQ Battle (Flat SCOOT)

So recently the guys from MGP were down in So Cal, and they decided to get a game of SCOOT going. Basically, it was the pro riders from MGP taking on some unsponsored riders, and other top guys from the So Cal area. Was pretty cool to see the guys from Madd Gear get down without the help of ramps and parks. Check it out. Jeremy Beau is a beast.

Below are the videos starting with the first, and ending with the Final match


  1. MGP and their wanna-be berrics lol....

  2. these are really painful to watch.

  3. they're all so sketchy. this was a real disapointment.

  4. Am I the only one that thought this was cool? I mean yeah there were some fakey hops and sketch stuff, but there were some pretty hard combos thrown down.

    Nick Darger


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