Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Inside Presents The Scooter Farm + "Claremont Takeover"

The Scooter Farm team recently went to their local, Claremont, and shut it down for this video.  Elliot Arnold, Vincent Kudrna, and more threw down.  Wondering about what the Scooter Farm is?  Check out the interview below.

The Scooter Farm is a new shop down in the SD area.  My first exposure to them was hearing that we'd be visiting them while on this past Tilt tour in California.  Hearing the name "Scooter Farm" and being from Iowa, where farms are everywhere, I was psyched on it.  We all couldn't help from making numerous Farm-related puns that night (my favorite- TomK posting an Instagram saying "See you cluckers tomorrow.")  They showed up at SD8 and took some pictures with us with a giant chicken mask which I thought was hilarious.  Later they came to the premier of the Tilt Video, which demonstrates how they want to show their support.  I'm glad to announce them joining us on Inside.  Read on to find out the full scoop on The Scooter Farm.

Jordan Jasa:  The Scooter Farm...the obvious question is...what inspired the name?

Beau Torres: Nick, Doug and I were just sitting around throwing out ideas, and Doug just threw it out there, everybody kind of stopped talking, each one of us had our own moment of clarity on the subject.  And then we all started firing out the endless ways we can spin The Scooter Farm: new animals, landscapes, icons, etc.  We must say that we are pretty proud of our name and concept.  It hits home too, as Doug and Nick both grew up on farms.

Who all is involved in running the shop? 

Elliott Arnold and Justin Cordova. They're our two other store employees that have been essential in helping us get everything super tight.  Nick and Doug pretty much are in the shop running it every single day.  I’m in the shop too, mostly on the weekends, I am more of a back of the house guy.

Jesse Hernandez

What are some brands you guys are stocking, or are planning to in the future? 

TILT, AO, Fasen, Lucky, District, Phoenix, Elyts, ODI, Sacrifice, Apex, Envy, 5Starr, Protec, Triple 8, Proto, 841, River, HellaGrip, TSI, Ethic, Addict, Sacrifice and more to come.

You guys are the first shop in the Claremont area right?

Yes indeed, and we plan on keeping it that way.

What took so long for a shop to go up there?

I have no idea why no one ever opened up in Clairemont, but we figure that Clairemont was just waiting for The Scooter Farm.  It was something that was a no brainer for us, especially with the YMCA Clairemont Park, which acts simultaneously as one of the biggest skateparks in Southern California as well as being one of the biggest supporters of Scooter riders around. This is where we are from, so it really is the perfect location for us.

Vincent Kudrna
Do you guys sponsor a team? 

Yes we definitely feel pretty good about the team we have assembled so far.  I have known Vincent for a while from working with Fasen, so we already had a pretty good relationship. So when Nick, Doug and myself were in the initial stages of The Scooter Farm, Vincent Kudrna was the first person we talked about getting on our team.  We know our team is just as important to The Scooter Farm as we are to them.  We know that the riders make the sport. So putting together a solid team was a number one priority us. Vincent introduced us to Elliott Arnold and the rest is history. With these two guys heading up our team, we feel good about where we are heading.  Especially with the recent addition of Bobby Rivas to the mix.

Pro Team: Vincent Kudrna, Elliott Arnold, Bobby Rivas
Amateur Team: Derek Marr, Jared Jacobs, Jesse Hernandez, Mateo Larson, Dylan Evers, Will Cashion, Kohl Rich, Tanner Wilson
Flow Team: Tate Vandeveer

You have some apparel, including socks.  Any plans for other Scooter Farm merch?  

We definitely plan on broadening our merchandise line.  Right now we have Tshirts, Front Zip Hoodies and the ridiculously awesome socks you mentioned.  All available at

Inside: What is your shop philosophy?  

To do it right and we mean really right.  We believe in this industry and are here to back it 100%. From rider and community support, to new and existing brand support, to making sure we represent The Scooter Industry as it should be and to grow with it. Not just with words but through actions.  Get ready for big things from The Scooter Farm.

What are your goals for The Scooter Farm?

Obviously, to be the #1 Scooter Shop in San Diego and then to be globally recognized as an industury leader. But one thing at a time.
We are secretly working in collaboration on some new things with one of our industry's big hitters. We should be able to talk about it soon enough, but we want to make sure everything is set prior to talking about it.  It’s gonna be good.

What makes The Scooter Farm different than other shops?

Our Service.  We’ve been around the block a few times and made some mistakes along the way, but have learned from them. Now we are applying that knowledge to something we all love. We grew up as riders, and our passion has never faded. We know that it is crucial to have our riders, the ones with their fingers on the pulse of the industry, involved with our shop.  We also try and support other shops as much as we can because we are all part of the same industry.

Will you ever be expanding your space?

We started with a small shop on purpose. Our plan was to start small and by keeping overhead down, so we could then focus on keeping stock of our top of the line products while delivering excellent customer service and building a solid customer base.  Once that is established, we can look to expanding, bringing in more products, and carrying new apparel and such.  But for now we are stoked with our location, and just want to keep as much inventory as possible.

Kohl Rich
Any other plans for the future?

Continue to grow The Farm, perhaps open more locations. We're also very passionate about "Street" and "Park" riding so we'd love to promote a lot more contest and events for both.

Check out us out at for any and all scooter needs! Also check us out on facebook, instagram, and twitter! @thescooterfarm


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