Friday, April 11, 2014

Inside the City: Columbus

Columbus is the capital of the great state of Ohio.  It has had a small scene for a number of years, centering around Westerville skatepark.  Today there is a small but solid crew of riders hitting the streets around the area.  I recently spent a week there myself for a filming trip, and we decided to film an Inside the City to show everyone what a day downtown would be like.  While the downtown area itself isn't very large or rich with spots, the surrounding neighborhoods are packed with more spots than you can hit in a week.  It's always a good time in Columbus so if you ever get the chance to visit, I suggest you do so.


  1. Damn dude, Dylan was like, the best like, narrator, like..that you could have like, picked for like, this video.

    No but seriously, stoked on these Inside the City's. Can't wait to see more of these drop.

  2. I live about 10 minutes away from Downtown and I've never gotten the chance to ride there. Defininetly something I've gotta do soon.
    -Jacob Hook


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