Sunday, April 27, 2014

Elyts Barcelona 2014

Wow.  You all know Barcelona for what it is- a street mecca, the best place in the world to do any action sport- scooter, bike, skate, anything.  Take some of the world's most talented riders there, and it's not a question of if they'll get any sick clips, it's a question of how many spots they can crush before they have to leave.  The full lineup includes Luke Painter (Don't miss his switch stuff!), Elliott Arnold, Georg Gartlehner, Cory Vanlew, BenJ, Lambert Judith, Enzo Commeau, Johan Walzel and Remi Bouchard, as well as a few clips from filmer/skater Rudy Garcia.  Rudy and Roots Boy both killed it filming and editing this too.


  1. You should have mentioned lukes switch clips. So many people will miss them.

  2. yeah luke has like the best switch game in the whole scootering community.


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