Monday, April 21, 2014

Blunt/Envy South Africa Tour Ep.1 - 4

Lately I was sitting around thinking about how many riders have been taken to places that they probably would have never gone before without scootering. These edits below document that pretty well I think. Blunt/Envy recently flew out their riders to South Africa in the hopes of filming a full length edit, and I'm guessing it was a success. The below edits are really cool to watch, they're not jam packed with riding, but you get to know the Team a bit more. And it really does show how far this sport can take you. Can't wait for the full length to drop. For now peep these.

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  1. Hey,"The idea behind the different episodes is to show a different side of the trip than a normal full on riding video, so you can experience the times we are having too and not just see the clips we have been racking up!"Thank you!!


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