Friday, March 14, 2014

New Josh Toy full length edit? Not yet, but maybe soon.

Few riders can say they've been in the sport as long as Josh Toy, hell even I started a year or so after Josh had been riding Scooters. So it goes without saying that he is definitely an OG of the sport. He has delivered solid full length parts in the past, but that was waay in the past. RVMs, and NBS days. Lately he's been talking about filming a new full length, and that got me pretty stoked. What do you guys think of Josh filming a new full length?

Below are some of Josh's older parts, and they're all pretty much classics.

NBS 3 Section (2002-2003)

RVM 4 Section

NBS 4 Section (Still love this whole video)


  1. Gonna be honest his rvm 4 part is one of my favorites. Part still holds it's own even for today's standards

    Nick darger

  2. Honest to god I hear people say that he's burnt out and I don't know why cause he is definetly one of the sickest riders out there. I would absolutely go nuts if I saw a full video.


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