Monday, September 9, 2013

Get to the Point

This is a full-length by a group of guys from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It's so rad to see little crews like this doing real things despite being relatively far away from bigger scooter scenes.  Floridian Michael Hohmann is also in this, you definitely don't want to miss his part.  While this video might lack in production value, the overall effect is awesome.  Props to these guys for getting this done.


  1. Literally every section was awesome. These guys did a great job. Michael Hohmann is the MAN.

    1. If your Stoked on his part in this, just wait till Florida Ride drops, its amazing what that he pushes him self to do.

    2. What he Pushes him self, not what that.

  2. fat cat is kinda the same, no one else rides in dc its just fat cat


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