Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tondid Soomes.

Super tight video coming from a trip Madis Kukk and the Estonian homies took to Finland to ride the new park built by FinScooter.  Thought he was gonna pull a KC when he was at the top of that vert wall.  Mikael Parman is also a boss.


  1. yo, when Madis was on top of that vertwall i thought he was gonna drop in and i was so scared hes gonna crash like KC.. If we woulda crahsed badly we would be stuck in Finland. But props to Madis for that epic leap of faith.. That was one hella fun trip!

  2. hahah! thanks anyway. Mikael owned the video video with every clip. Also, for all the newer guys who don't know what "pulling a KC" is, then watch this:


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