Thursday, February 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Nick Darger 951 DVD Part

Back in 2009 the 951 Crew made one of the first DVDs in our sport, The 951 DVD. Some of the riders featured were, Nick Donatelli, Monky, Jarrod Bruns, Raymond Warner, and more. The DVD itself was great for its time, and a lot of the clips can still hold up today with ease. Overall my favorite section was Nick Darger. Nick has always been an all around rider with skills in park and street, which is apparent even back then. And of course who can forget the infamous battle with the double tailwhip at the end. Check it out below.


  1. yo 951! so sick, loved this when it came out.

  2. i miss nick darger edits so bad. Cleanist in the game, can wait for his G.T.L.I part. Enough said.


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