Monday, February 18, 2013

Riley Hughes | Express Yourself

Riley is a boss.  That banger seriously came out of nowhere.  Don't miss the mcwhip flat, nobody does those, especially flat.  Also there is some sweet b-roll of him doing the worm, so yeah.


  1. • Flat clips
    • good b-roll footy
    • dat midwest style
    • riding in a wizard costume
    • transit reference

    10/10 video and blog post

  2. Such a great video! It was so much fun to watch and the riding was so so sick! He has so much fun when he rides, it's refreshing to see that rather than all these other guys trying to be the best at something. Riley is the best at having fun.

    Please make more videos.

  3. yes yes yes yes!!!! i fucking love this video

  4. Thanks so much Travis. That comment rocks. And postema, it was a "Buddy" the elf costume :)


  5. That was awesome. Banger gave Dan Barrett nightmares ;) haha -Stefan

  6. He's not the only one who does mcwhips flat, I know Danny Roberts does them. Sick video though, great style.


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