Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jake Clark Signature Deck Promo

Wat....yeah.  Jake Clark does it again, showing the world his most mind-blowing tricks.  For me, tricks like the fingerwhip nose manual really make him stand out from these other trick machine riders since you don't see many others doing front wheel tricks like that.  So crazy.


  1. This video is like the same as your last one. It gets so tedious watching you ride the same skate parks and doing the same tricks with just another barspin or tailwhip added from your last video. Try going out to different parks and mixing it up. You're easily one of the most talented riders in the sport and you're doing some insane shit. I just think you can make a better video. Keep it up with the riding though man. You're sick as fuck. -Stefan

  2. wow my jaw dropped

  3. Stefan Hefner my dude! -Stefan


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