Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stevon Wilson In Critical Condition

Jake Hershey informed me that this weekend, New Jersey OG rider Steve Wilson was badly injured in a car accident.  He was a passenger and ended up having head trauma.  Steve was one of the best back in the day (was a part of the Whip Scooters crew, The Philly Crew, and I believe was sponsored by both Micro and Razor at some point).  He is was greatly beloved by a lot of the community, and I'm sure everyone who knew him is pulling for him right now.

Check out his sponsor video, filmed in 2007.  Get better soon, Steve.


  1. Dammit.. Jake better keep us updated. Such a good dude. I hope he pulls through.

  2. Holy shit, haven't heard of Steven in time, hope he gets better soon and makes a come back :) would love to see his riding again!

  3. such a bummer. any news if he is doing any better?

  4. i remember this from way back. wish him the best


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