Thursday, November 22, 2012

Scooter Zone Black Friday Sale

Last, but certainly not least...we got the Scooter Zone Black Friday Sale. The below statement is from Scooter Zone.

"We got huge sales on with some low low prices for all your scooter parts. 99.9% of all parts will be 20% off Friday, 15% off Saturday and 10% off Sunday. Sale applies in stores and online. Don't miss this EPIC sale to grab all your favorite parts! Even our sick pro comp scooters section will be on sale. With almost all the scoots being over $100 off retail price. Dont miss this chance to grab your favorite high quality scooters at a very low cost! Once again it's on!!" - SZ


  1. Why isn't the dirt scooter 20% off? It says 20% off the entire store.


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