Friday, November 16, 2012

Mitch Baldry AO PROfile

"Throughout the last year Mitch Baldry has taken his riding and career to another level. With his recent success on the Nitro Circus tour as well as his full length section in the Elyts DVD, Mitch has made it to the center stage.
This section is just a small collection of the clips Mitch snagged in his last visit to California. Quite something when you realize just what this boy is capable of in just a few short days. Watch out for his full section in the AO team video." - AO


  1. was that a 50-50 to back scooterflip?!

    1. That was probably one of the coolest tricks I've ever seen

  2. Elyts and skinnys.....

  3. shit was clean! baldry goin in!


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