Wednesday, November 21, 2012

KOS Envy Complete

2013 means a new product line from Blunt/Envy, and they are starting to hit stores now. One of those products is the KOS (King of Spades) Complete. A lot of riders turn to completes because the price of putting together a custom scooter piece by piece can get really high, really quick. Some of the features on the KOS are, the new KOS deck, a new style of Flex brake, SOBv2 forks, 4bolt clamp, new 110mm six spoke forged wheels, integrated sealed headset and much more. The complete comes in 5 colors (blue, green, white, purple and red. Some pics are below, and the boys from Scooter Hut took it out for a test ride, and supposedly it got pretty good reviews. The price should also be right around the price of the last Envy/Blunt Complete.

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  1. definitely getting one of these,white looks pretty sick.


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