Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AO Epsilon Deck Release

All right, so AO didn't exactly get the best reviews with the first deck, but let's see what they have for us the second time around. Does it look better? Absolutely. Will it hold up better? We'll see. Details below were provided by AO.

AO scooters are the first decks specifically designed for street. Key innovation of the deck is a removable grind and nose blunt plate which is made of a super tough plastic material which not only protects your deck but enables you to effortlessly grind anything: unwaxed curbs, concrete and stone ledges, wood and it even gives you more control on metal rails. 

The grind plates open a whole new dimension in scootering and you don’t depend on someone to drive you to a skate park: Now you can ride your scooter on curbs, ledges and rails right in front of your door steps – anytime, anywhere. 

The AO Epsilon deck is made of re-heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum in one of the world’s leading BMX factories. The slightly concave deck is 4 ½” wide (115 mm) and features a completely flat bottom to maximize the grinding area. It comes in 3 lengths (19 ½”, 20 ½” and 21 ¼”) and weighs 3.8 lbs. (1.6 kg). It comes with stainless steel flex brake (rounded so your wheels won't get flat), 8 mm high tensile Chromoly axle bolts (12.9 grade) and a grind plate made of super tough Nylon material.

Epsilon Deck Features:
- Deck in re-heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum
- Fully integrated system (HIC)
- Flat bottom
- Super tough grind plate
- Nose blunt grind plate
- Rounded, stainless steel flex brake (2 mm)
- 8 mm high tensile Chromoly axle bolt (12.9 grade)
- Length: 20.5” (520 mm), width: 4 ½” (115 mm)
               - Head tube angle 82.5


  1. This is a toy. When the pitch for the part is so blatantly geared towards children who have nothing to contribute to the maturity of our sport, it's hard to get behind this company.

  2. "So you don't have to have someone drive you to a skatepark" They're clearly marketing to little kids. While this is a good business decision, I can't say that it's what's best for the sport. I'm not going to buy this.

  3. @ Kieran and postema
    You're both ridiculous. I think the grind plate idea is a great on. It gives a totally new aspect to riding. The fact that they put the time and effort into redeveloping the first version of their deck, with so many improvements, shows they're trying to help push the progression of our sport. You guys seems to look for any little comment to bitch about.

    1. No its just a polished turd now instead of a complete piece of shit. This is a gimmick if it was any real sort of "innovation" then other companies would be putting grind plates on their decks the same way every company started making their own scs's/flex fenders/ ect.

      This is just a shitty product marketed by people trying to make a quick buck off of us.

  4. at first I wasn't sure how I felt about the grind plate idea, but then when I think about it, some skate trucks have plastic inserts so noseslides and bluntslides work better, and there's tons of plastic bike pegs out there. Plus the 4.5 width with flat sides sounds awesome.

  5. Looks totally epic cant wait to stock these in my shop DUB-SK8S.COM

  6. aye dhallscoots here and i honestly think this is one of the sickest decks i have ever seen! replaceable scratch plates, finger whip friendly, and its good that they are reaching out to little kids into buying this, then other riders will see how insane this product is! id like to know how much because this will be the first deck i would get if i work my way away from envy! so for all the haters on this deck, yeah, hop off and go practice your tail whips more(:

  7. Can you fit a peg on the back with the grind plate on

  8. The future of the sport is the current youth. My eleven year old loves his AO and so do his friends. He gets great comments of interest at Adrenaline Alley when others see him using the grind plate to good effect. Don't understand all the bad posts. I guess some riders are very elitist about their own set up or something. Stop judging everything in life, and learn have to relax !


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