Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Welcome to AO: Jonas Kjaer

Looks like AO picked up another new rider, Jonas Kjaer, While most of you have probably not really heard of this kid before, let's go off what we see in the video. 1. Up and coming street rider. 2. Likes baseball tees, preferably Proto. 3. Wears bright color shorts.

That being said check out his Welcome to AO Edit below.

Filmed and Edited by Phillip Long


  1. Hey Steven, thanks for posting it!

    Yep i just got sponsored by AO, on the pro team.
    And why not put some colors into this video by wearing colerful shorts? It makes you so happy

    - Jonas

    1. No problem man. Congratulations on the sponsor!

  2. helllll yea jonas is the fucking dude!


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