Monday, July 16, 2012

RAD Edits.. enough said.

It'd be pretty hard to find someone who doesn't like the guys from RAD. RAD if, I'm not mistaken.. and I'm pretty sure I'm not. Is one of the longest running crews in the sport today. Despite the fact that they were the first to bring one piece bars to the sport, they also all happen to shred hard.

Tyler Bonner has been out of action for a while now since he tore his leg to bits, so he's been focusing on his filming and editing with these below two edits to show for it. You'll also see Cory, the brother of Cary riding the RAD Dirt Scoot. It is so sick to see him riding that hard. You definitely want to check out the two edits below.


  1. dirt scooters at a park is just like 4wd in the city, pointless.

    1. umm how are 12" wheels pointless?
      should bmx bikes be specified as dirt bicycles? you can ride ANY terrain fool. open that tiny mind up a bit eh?

      They allow riding on everything ppl currently ride.. All they do is open up more doors.


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