Friday, July 20, 2012

Face of Fasen Revealed: Brendon Smith Interview

So with the recent announcement that Brendon Smith is the rider behind Fasen, we had to catch up with him and get the inside story. I recently discussed everything with Brendon, from the beginning of Fasen, His future with Envy, And the future with Fasen. Read it all in the interview below.

Steven: Brendon how you been dude?

Brendon :Hey, yeah I’ve been good, riding a lot and mainly just planning out my schedule for the next 6 months.

Steven: All right so the secret is out, you are the rider behind the company Fasen, Correct?

Brendon :That's right.

Steven: Ok take me back dude. I want to know how the idea of Fasen even started?

Brendon :Alright, last year I was on tour with Dinny one of the owners of Blunt/Envy, we started talking about product ideas, at first it was to add onto the range, however towards the end of the tour things just started to drop in place and the designs we had in mind really just healed their own and where quite different to the style of Blunt/Envy. From then on we were both extremely excited about this project and it just went from there. The name 'Fasen' is a old family name. We had some others, however Fasen seemed to stick.

Steven: Why did you want to do this? Has it been something you’ve wanted to start up for a while?

Brendon :Yeah, it’s been something I have wanted for a long time. It's safe to say every rider out there would jump on a chance to start up a new brand. I throw myself at it.

Steven: Was it tough to keep it a secret from everyone for this long?

Brendon :Leading up to the announcement on Inside not even my team mates or close friend knew. I didn't/don't want to be one of though brands that say there are starting up a company and start posting 3D drawings months before anything has even been made, anyone can do that. When we decided to launch, we wanted to have all the products made and in the final stages of testing. So for the past 3 months I have been keeping a very low profile and testing our new range, swopping over to my Envy to go to comps and trips away from my home town Benalla.

Steven: So if I understand it correctly, you are a Co Owner of Fasen. Talk to me about the other half of the company?

 Brendon :The guys from Blunt/Envy are the other owners, they have kindly put up the cash and their net work. When this all started I thought setting up a brand would be easy. Never thought about the costs of IP's, websites, trade marking, molding and development. Your'e talking big $$$, so much like some of the other rider own brands out there, Fasen is backed.

Steven: All right man, run me through some of the products we can expect from the company?

Brendon :Ok, we wanted Fasen to be a stand alone brand.  And because we have never been in a rush to release it we took our time on finding the best technology we could get our hands on. For example, our wheels. These are the first of their kind and to my knowledge no scooter wheel has ever been made like it. It's 110mm and comes in at 150grams and is incredibly strong. The reason why we are being so secrete and not showing pic's, is I can promise you this is the future of wheels and we are not willing to give it away any time soon. So the first time you will see these wheels is when they are getting released to the stores. Other products like our deck, we have made a one piece forged head tube, which is light and has a cool design. We have come up with a new style of connecting it to the deck body that save on weight and spreads the load a lot better.  The deck is a little wider and longer then the AOSv2, with 2 gird surfaces on the bottom. The bar we have is made of 4130 and comes in at 850grams, which is about 200 grams lighter than most 550mm high bars on the market. Our clamp, you'll just have to wait, its a whole new system. Other products like Grips, Bearings, headsets, brakes are all ready for production as well.  Shoe's, apparel and back packs are all coming very soon too.

Steven: Does this affect your relationship or Team position with Envy at all?

Brendon :I'll be representing Fasen full time, so sadly I'll be leaving the Team. My bars "Smith" will  be still be sold by Blunt/Envy until the stocks run out and they will be under Fasen. I will be working with Blunt/Envy very closely and when I make the move to Melbourne this year, I will be located in their head office. So that relationship can only get stronger.

Steven: Obviously it’s going to take a lot of time, dedication, and responsibility to run the company. Think you can handle it?

Brendon :The best thing for me is I have my partners backing and net work. To try and start this from scratch and on my own would be impossible. I have a lot to learn about what it takes to run something like this and I'm sure there is some long days ahead of me. Most of my tasks will be product  development, marketing and promotions. The sales and manufacturing will be handled by my partners, however I will make sure I'm a part of it.

Steven: So with Fasen making parts such as a deck, bars, wheels, what exactly are you going to be riding from now on? Envy or  Fasen?

Brendon :Fasen will have everything to complete a scooter. So when the products are ready I'll be 100% Fasen, until then I'll be riding Envy products which I have no problem at all doing.

Steven: Has testing begun on the parts yet? If not when does that start?

Brendon :Testing has been going on since early this year, right now we are in the final stages. I live about 200km out in the country side so it's been a great area to test. Couple of small changes and the production will begin. 

Steven: So when can we expect to see some of these parts for sale?

Brendon :Production is due to start in the coming weeks, so all I can say is soon. Well before Xmas that's for sure.

Steven: I gotta say I’m stoked for you Brendon. A lot of riders dream of doing something like this, and you’re actually doing it. If you got any last words or shout outs, let em go?

Brendon :I don't even really know how to sum it up. It's unbelievable that something like this is actually happening, and can't wait to get started. I'd like to thank Blunt/Envy for everything they have done for me and for making this all happen, and Michael Sadler for filming and editing all my videos. Be sure to head over to and Like the page and share it with your friends.


  1. Im always down to support rider owned companies. Even if it is half owned by Envy...The products are all products of Brendons mind. To me thats tight.

  2. Can not wait until fasen comes out!! Ive seen the deck at rampfest and its amazing.

  3. I highly doubt Brendan owns half the company. I'd be surprised if he owns more that 5% seeing that he isn't putting up any of the money. I see it as more of a branding stunt to appease all the haters of non-rider owned companies. This isn't a true rider owned company. The fasen logo needs some work. Nice job so far though Brandon. Hope to see your products soon my brother. How do u pronounce fasen?

  4. I don't really care whether or not the company is rider owned. At the end of the day, performance and actual rider testimonials of the product will sell me on it. Of course in accordance with a descent price. Regardless, I am quite stoked for fasen and can't wait to take a crack at those wheels. Also, FILMED IN TWO DAYS?? very nice brendon

  5. This isn't a rider owned company. its still only in it for the money.

  6. can you still get smith bars

  7. can you still buy smith bars or does he make new ones for fasen

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