Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brandon James | District Scooters

Here's the latest edit to come out of District, this time from Brandon James.  This guy is so steezy.  Love his quarterpipe lip tricks.   District is killing it lately with the videos, I wonder who's gonna be next.


  1. u get 50 style points for this video. sadly u lose 10 of them for doing a bar to bar to bar.

  2. Dude, you got a crazy amount of potential. I hope I don't offend you when I say that you don't belong in that park with the rest of those kids. Get out on the streets and be somebody...that's what District decks are for.

    I don't wanna tell you what kind of tricks to do, but I will. Ditch the bar-bar-bar combos, the whacky wild scooter flips, and flairs. Those tricks are for kids who wanna get sponsored. You seem like a homie that wants to be a true shredder.

    1. bro he is a kid who wants to get sponsored in fact he is :district , eagle , skatehut they sponser him cus he rides for them

  3. So FUCKING good!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That edit was insane man keep the park combos dont listen to those fags trying to tell you how to ride.

  5. haha thanks man appreciate that! and yehh brah trueee but street is long when none one else rides it, so fuck riding on my own haha!


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