Monday, February 27, 2012

Zig Short Scooter Check

Finally got a scooter check from Zig Short. Zig rides quite a few different parts from a lot of different companies, so he definitely has a diverse scooter. Though if it's holding up to all the abuse he puts it through, they gotta be some pretty reliable parts. Check out Zig's scooter check below.

Zig Short Scooter Check from Motion Art Productions on Vimeo.


  1. zig the owner of ELYTS supposedly the perfect scooter shoe wearing DC spartans? lol ive worn spartans and they feel like sh*t so if zig is choosing those over his own shoe idc about elyts.....

  2. Ouch! I promise you that you are over thinking it though. 2 more months and you'll see the sneakers all over the place. Patience...

    PS: in those DC Spartans there are Elyts Insoles and Elyts front impact cushions at work ;)

  3. i wish i could get a video on inside -.-


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