Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kid on the Come Up + OG On the Come Back

Connor Greenleaf doesn't just have a sick last name, he's also starting to get really good on a scooter. He rides with Bobby Pantano, so you know that has to help things when it comes to progression. He has some nice rail clips, and shows a lot of potential over all. Check out his latest edit below.

Filmed and Edited by Bobby Pantano

Next up we got an OG making his return to the sport, Andy Bradford. Andy was one of the first, if not the first rider in the Delaware area to start killing it. Since then the scene has erupted. Andy took a hiatus from riding, and he now has a baby boy and is happily married. But like any true OG, he couldn't stay off his scooter. Here is some throwaway from when Andy first started to ride again, and you can expect a killer part from him in the upcoming SoloChristo DVD.

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  1. First video was original! I love seeing new tricks.

    Its cool that Andy Bradford is getting back into riding. We're stoked to have him on our team!


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