Monday, February 13, 2012

Cam Ward: February Edit

I am the only one disappointed in this?  Yes it shows Cam doing a lot of really clean, technical tricks, but I know Cam is better than this.  I haven't even seen the kid ride in person in nearly a year but his consistency is something that has always wow'd me (and helped him place well in competitions).  All this video was was single quarterpipe tricks.  Cam can do a lot more tricks on a lot more obstacles.  I'm not sure why he chose to film just quarterpipe tricks (or why anyone other than Brendon Smith does) but at least they weren't nunchuck tricks.


  1. Fuck yeah you tell em' Jordan!!!

  2. You'd think there wasnt enough features in the world...

  3. It looks like EVERYTHING he does is with ease..

  4. Jordan shut your bitch ass mouth. You always have something to say about every ones video, when your the one that sucks. You cant do one trick in this video, Brenden Smiths videos, or any ones for that matter. This is why everyone hates you and thinks your gay, because you make smart ass comments about peoples videos. No one gives a fuck about your shitty opinion. You probably wont even accept this comment because your a little pussy. Go suck Issac's dick a few more times.

    1. Please actually read what I posted again.
      Why does it matter if I can or cannot do these tricks? I didn't realize that not being able to do a trick means you can't have an opinion about them. I have no desire to do them either way.
      I have yet to meet anyone in real life who appears to hate me, in fact its only anonymous pussies like yourself that seem mad. If "no one gives a fuck" about my opinion, what are you doing reading my website?

  5. Anom, calm down bro. Jordan and I have both rode with cam in person a lot. And I can tell you cam is wayyyy better than this. This video didn't do much for him compared to his normal riding aha. This kid rips soooo hard.

    All jordan said was cam is a lot better than this video shows. And that cam can ride almost any obstacle no problem. I don't see that as hating him. Just hating the video. Which I hated it too and cam is a good friend of mine aha

  6. Just cos this isnt 'street' and all filmed with a gay VX doesn't mean you have to hate, little bitch.


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